Clinical, Medical and Sharps Disposal

Nappy Disposal

Our nappy disposal service includes both childrens nappies and adult incontinence pads. A robust 50 ltr nappy disposal unit containing a yellow tiger sack comes complete with modesty flap to minimise odours.

50 litre

Service can be provide as often as required: monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

Soft Dressings Disposal

We provide soft dressings disposal for non-hazadous and non-infectious waste. Non-hazardous waste is clinical waste that does not represent an infection danger and that does not include other materials that may still make the waste hazardous, such as cytotoxic medicines.

  • Factory first aid areas
  • School/college/university first aid areas
  • Tattoo clinics
  • Acupuncture clinics
  • Beauty clinics

Service can be provide as often as required: monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

50 litre

We supply a 50 litre rented yellow medical bin which holds a yellow tiger sack

Nursing Homes or Day Nurseries

We provide a 240 or 360 ltr 2 wheeled bin or 770 or 1000 ltr 4 wheeled bin service with collections weekly, fortnightly or monthly. When we call if there are any additional sacks left next to the bin these will be invoiced separately.

770 litre
360 litre
Tiger Sacks

Sharps Box Disposal

Our container range for sharps EXCLUDING those contaminated with MEDICINAL products and their residues consists of 0.5, 3.75, 5, 11.5 and 22 ltr. Our most popular is the 5 ltr (this is approximately the size of an ice bucket). EWC codes 18-01-01, 18-01-03, 18-02-01, 18-02-02.

To ensure the containers are safe and simple to use they come with opaque coloured doors clearly showing the contents.

Should you require a sharps box exchange including CONTAMINATED MEDICINAL products we can still provide you with a quotation.

Assorted Range
0.5 litre
5 litre