Air Steril

Did you know that bacteria can multiply from one to 8 million in 8 hours? Air Steril air purification kills 98% of bacteria in the air and 75% on exposed surfaces. An Air Steril unit takes in contaminated air and purifies it using Germicidal Irradiation and Photocatalytic Oxidization. In the process it creates and transmits Plasma Quatro containing (TiO2) Super Oxide Ions and Triatomic Oxygen. These actively seek and eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi both in the air and on surfaces. This is known as Photoplasma Technology and combines five processes working in tandem.

Air Steril – Washroom

Bacteria and viruses found in washrooms include Salmonella, Hepatitis A, E Coli, MRSA, Rotavirus,A/H1N1 Swine Flu including the common cold and flu virus. Bad smelling, bacteria ridden washrooms and poor hygiene could seriously affect your organisation. In washrooms, toilets and other enclosed spaces, odours and infections are created by bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) carried in the air.

In particular washrooms accumulate high levels of harmful bacteria and viruses. Toilets and urinals flush faecal micro-organisms into the air and onto surfaces. Poor ventilation and shared facilities

add to the problems. What’s more, people who do not wash their hands spread the risk outside.

What can you do?

  • Kill the bacteria in your washroom with an Air Steril unit; Air fragrances only mask problems.
  • Air Steril units in washrooms and toilets use five technologies in tandem to kill up to 98% of the bacteria and viruses in the air and on exposed surfaces. This was proven in controlled tests

    undertaken by the Health Protection Agency, Porton Down in September 2009.

  • The Air Steril WR is our exciting new washroom unit. Once installed, either wall mounted or stand-alone, it supplies purified air for a 20m2 to 35m2 area. The air intake incorporates an optional washable filter to remove heavy air pollutants before air purification. A blue light indicates operation which can be 24/7 or timed to suit.