Millennium Hygiene Services Ltd provides a range of disposal services in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

This act places a legal “Duty of Care”, on waste producers to ensure that all waste produced on your premises is correctly managed right up to the point of final disposal. This includes feminine hygiene, clinical, sharps, medicines, dental wastes, confidential waste or other waste to be recycled (e.g. cans, paper, bottles, toner cartridges)

All reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that:

  • Your sanitary waste, nappy waste and clinical waste contractors are registered waste carriers
  • Final disposal is carried out according to the legal requirements, and at a licensed landfill or incineration facility
  • Your waste contractors are licensed and have comprehensive and efficient tracking and monitoring systems in place to ensure that all waste is tracked, accounted for, and disposed of correctly and safely
  • A full Audit Trail of documentation is in place

If you break the law you could be fined an unlimited amount. Indeed, a breach of the Duty of Care is a criminal offence, punishable by a specific fine on summary conviction, or an unlimited fine on conviction or indictment.

If you are unsure of your position in relation to the correct disposal of waste or environmental health and safety then please contact us.

We provide all our customers with the necessary Duty of Care documentation. This is free of charge, and will certify that your waste is being handled, transported and disposed of in the correct manner and in accordance with the law. Waste Notes are a legal requirement, and should be retained for a period of 2 years.

Millennium Hygiene Services Limited is a Registered Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency: