Environmental Policy


Protection of the environment in which we live and operate is part of Millennium Hygiene Services’ core values and principles and we consider it to be a sound business practice.

  1. At Millennium Hygiene we realize that environmental issues are increasingly important. We follow policies and procedures to ensure our operations do least possible harm to the environment. These policies are regularly reviewed and updated by our management team.
  2. Millennium Hygiene specialises in the supply and servicing of washroom hygiene equipment and provides a wide range of Environmental Health, Hygiene and Safety services and products. We are a company proud of our continuing development and improvement, and our ability to satisfy our client’s needs.
  3. Millennium Hygiene acknowledges the need to conduct its business in a manner, which is consistent with protecting both the global and local environment. It will commit the necessary financial and personnel resources to fulfil the company’s commitment to improving the environment and preventing pollution in line with this Environmental Policy.
  4. The Directors takes responsibility for the environmental performance of the company.
  5. Millennium Hygiene is committed to protecting the environment by complying with all relevant UK and EU legislation and regulatory provisions, and to meeting appropriate national standards.
  6. Millennium Hygiene is committed to using materials, equipment and procedures, which pose the least risk to the environment, both on its own and its clients’ premises.
  7. All Millennium Hygiene employees are given information on environmental awareness and its importance in maintaining and improving the company’s environmental performance.

Julie Stock

Managing Director
January 2018